A blog dedicated to the pairing of Derek Venturi and Casey McDonald (Dasey) from the TV Show Life with Derek.
do you know any fanfics where everyone think that casey and derek are dating?

That everyone thinks they are dating but they’re not (not even fake dating) or when they are fake dating so everyone thinks they are dating?

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Do you have a personal blog?

Yep, it’s shyesplease.

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hi your new theme is really excellent and makes me cry a little that's all i wanted to say ok bye

Thank you! I still have to add a bit to it, but I think it came out pretty well. <33

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I have a question that I would like to hear your opinion on. In the episode "Male Code Clue" when Derek and Sam are fighting, Derek ends up saying, "That's what we are fighting about?" when Sam says it was about the guy code. What I don't get is the meaning behind that question. The writer's didn't want Derek and Casey to get together (even though the actors did), but that line, which seems to have romantic implications, was kept anyway? If it wasn't meant to be romantic than what did it mean?

I guess Derek could have just been fighting to fight, since boys do that sometimes?? haha. I feel like I remember Derek or Sam or somebody saying something about them wrestling when they were younger in that ep, so maybe Derek thought it was like that…(or maybe I thought that up…lol gonna have to double check that sometime)

But yeah, besides that lame excuse, I can’t think of what the writers were exactly thinking when they wrote that. Especially since its hard to believe Derek would be the “overprotective brother” over Casey of all people. Plus, it was only a few months? into the merge, so Derek wouldn’t have made a connection to Casey, or even Lizzie, like that yet. Maybe if this happened in a later season, I would have bought it better, but season 1? nahh. lol

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seven days of dasey → day five: a time they stood up for each other
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Michael Seater does the Ice Bucket Challenge [p1, p2]

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Ashley Leggat takes on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Instagram (x)

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seven days of dasey → day four: favorite bet

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There’s a pair here who knocked my socks off! They were sharp, polished, aggressive, and they did not miss a beat. So, congratulations on your victory… Casey McDonald and Derek Venturi!

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According to Life With Derek, this is how two teenage, recent step-siblings act.

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