A blog dedicated to the pairing of Derek Venturi and Casey McDonald (Dasey) from the TV Show Life with Derek.
Best dasey videos and fan fiction trailers?

I don’t think I know of any fanfiction trailers, but for fan videos (in no particular order):

Paradise Circus, She is the Words That I Can’t Find, Contagious, They Don’t Know About Us, Could this be out of line?, Into Your Arms, Ships in the Night (1), She’s Got You High, All This Time, Ships in the Night (2), Welcome Home, She’s Killing Me, According to You

There is probably a lot more that I’m forgetting about, but here’s at least some! :)

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do you know where i can download all the seasons of LWD?

Try here: http://davemeowthews.tumblr.com/post/32911302016/summary-life-with-derek-is-a-half-hour-comedy

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Is this blog still active?

Yup, it’s still very much active. I’ve just been busy lately and also the device my episodes are on isn’t working at the moment. :)

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The gif u posted the show is called life with Derek

Yes, I’m aware…

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Oops, I forgot to add the text at the bottom of that last photoset. Fixed now.

Nora: Are you cold?
Casey: No

Life With Derek AU: Casey and Derek are forced to into a sibling relationship and overtime develop secret feelings for one another

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I just went through every page of this blog and I feel great. You're incredibly lovely, dedicated and wonderful. (:

Aww, thank you so much! That means so much to me. :) Thanks for checking out the blog. Sorry for the lack of posts lately though, my external hard drive (that has all my episodes on it) isn’t working atm. =/

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