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7 days of dasey, day five: ostensibly a drug dealer [x]
7 days of dasey, day four: “…the orangutan who…” [x]
7 days of dasey, day three: the sort of bet im counting as a fight [x]


7 days of dasey ☆ day five: a time they stood up for each other

↪ “no one should treat casey that way" - 4x16 truman’s last chance

Anonymous asked:
If you had to choose who was your favorite boyfriend of Casey's & favorite girlfriend of Derek's? :)

Ummm, for Derek, I guess Sally…? Though I wasn’t too big of a fan of her, especially towards the end of their relationship. She was enough like Casey though so…lol.

For Casey, I guess Max. All of Casey’s boyfriends were terrible lol, even if Sam was a good guy, their relationship was horrible and I was never invested. So, Max because I loved their build-up. However, if Noel ever dated Casey I would choose him because he was a doll and would have at least treated Casey right.

Anonymous asked:
Pleaaaase please please update your story soon? :)

I’m going to try and write as much as I can within the next two days since I’m a bit free! :D

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7 days of dasey ☆ day three: favourite fight

↪ “you can’t cut me out of the family” - 3x08 home movies