the-brown-midnight asked:
Hey sweetie :) Can you please make a gif of your favorite moments between Mike and Ash ? Cause their friendship is so cute >.<

I can. Let me just try to make the other photosets that I promised first. Then, I will start on this one. :)

blendofbreakables asked:
Your blog has inspired me to watch life with Derek again! (Every episode free on YouTube channel is "seater source")It's sort of a problem because I'm ignoring homework (oopsydasey) but I'm glad because I've been feeling pretty down this month and it's made me happier and also now I'm older and can appreciate the good messages better like the feminist messages and that episode about ignoring what guys rate you.. So thanks :)

Although I condemn not studying (but won’t judge because then I’d be a hypocrite :P) I’m very happy to hear LWD and this blog has made your month even just a little bit happier. I know LWD always gets me laughing and in a good mood myself. So, you’re very welcome. Also, thank you for visiting this blog. :)

silverliningrunner asked:

Messages like this make me UBER HAPPY! So glad you are enjoying the blog! <33333333

Anonymous asked:
Persuasion has to be my favorite fic from SEZCLP. It's like the only frigging fic out there that has Casey and Edwin as close siblings something I always wanted to see.

I love ALL her fics. And yeah, it’s nice that she wrote a bond between Edwin and Casey. But I feel that people probably don’t write them that much because the LWD rarely wrote them together. idk. I did enjoy their little moments though.

Anonymous asked:
i just had what might be a cool gif idea? a set that shows how truman is basically a stand in for derek. there's even two times i can think where casey talks about derek and it could be about truman - the one in truman's last chance where nora assumes she means truman and the bit where casey says "I keep having a dream about a certain guy who goes to this school who I detest. This guy is arrogant, smug, flirtatious, and totally aware of how cute he is!" (can't remember the ep, sorry)

Another good gifset idea! :) And I know the episode you are talking about for that last quote.

Is anyone know any other instances off the top of their heads that could go with this? Let me know if you do! :)

Anonymous asked:
can you please make just a dasey manip in general? just them doing something coupley i guess

Do you mean a photo like I did before or a gifset? If it’s a photo, I really have to work with the images I have, so I don’t know. If it’s a gifset, I’m kinda terrible at coming up with ideas for that kind of stuff. Sorry. =/

chocolatederizzles asked:
do you remember the dasey fanmix? i found part of it from a reblog but the original post was deleted

Hmm, no I don’t really remember it. Sorry.

Does anyone else remember and help? :)

Anonymous asked:
Can you make a manip of Ashley/Micheal of them now what they look like?

I can try…