A blog dedicated to the pairing of Derek Venturi and Casey McDonald (Dasey) from the TV Show Life with Derek.


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Thank you so much! <33

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wait, and bare with me bc I never really watched LWD, but... weren't the brother and sister? I know it was step, but trust me, as someone with step family, you do NOT feel that way towards them. It is instantly familial

That may have been the way your family and many others have meshed,  but every family - as well as every individual of that family - is different, therefore not everyone is going to adapt to changes such as blended families the same. You are going to have these type of situations pop up every once in awhile. It may not have occurred in your family, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen in another.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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dasey is my otp since i was like, 5? and i didn't even know ppl actually shipped it, finding this blog makes me so happy

Oh, plenty of people ship it! lol. Glad you found this blog too! :)

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do you know the name of a fanfic where there is a new girl in the school and everyone says she has o crush on casey but she doesn't believe and then there are a few misunderstandings?

I think I know which one you are talking about, but I just cannot think of the title…

Anyone help?

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I’ve always loved the opening scene of VWD with Derek and Casey out in the backyard. And not even because of what happens but from what it implicates. Because one of them willingly went outside knowing the other was already there.

How I see it is that most likely it was too loud in the house to study or Casey had been in her room for too long and wanted to study in a different environment, so she goes out into the backyard (and you know she wouldn’t have went out there if Derek was already there since it would have obviously been counterproductive). So maybe Derek is in the kitchen finishing up the breakfast Lizzie apparently made him and sees Casey outside, so he decides he’ll go out there too, probably with the intention to just be near bug her.

Once Derek comes out, Casey immediately wants to get up and leave, but Derek promises he’ll be quiet as he settles into the hammock with his headphones. But only a few minutes in, he starts deliberately making noises that keeps interrupting her and he knows it. Casey is too stubborn to leave at this point, especially because she doesn’t want to give Derek the satisfaction of driving her out of her spot (she was there first!) so she sucks it up and tries to ignore him.

Eventually this turns into the scene we see in the movie.


Dasey <3

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Hopefully it was worth the wait. lol

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